How to Reimagine Botticelli

Botticelli is an artist whose reputation has been in flux ever since his work became eclipsed by High Renaissance masters, with this exhibition, the biggest of Botticelli in Britain since 1930, aiming to show how his work has permeated popular culture.


An Allegory of Love and Time? Bronzino, Venus and Cupid

So as it is nearly Valentine’s Day, and I haven’t posted anything in a while, I thought I’d post something about a painting I really love – which just so happens to be about love itself. It is also in my favourite place of all time, the National Gallery, which possibly contributes to why I…

Titian and the Painted Poetry for Philip II

The Museo del Prado has some beautiful Renaissance paintings, but for me, the jewel in their crown are the beautiful paintings by Titian for his Poesie series for Philip II of Spain.

Caravaggio and the God of Wine

Where does Caravaggio – the original cultural figure who was mad, bad and dangerous to know – fit into the Baroque?

The Mystery of the Twin Leonardos

If you’ve been to both the National Gallery in London and the Louvre in Paris, you might have noticed that Leonardo painted a twin set of paintings.

La Dolce Vita, A Perfect Roman Holiday

Just like I wrote practically a mini love letter to Paris, I could also write one to Rome. These European cities are so beautiful, and it is helped completely by the way they are enshrined in literature, film and other forms of popular culture.

Michelangelo in Rome

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so the saying goes. The classical sits beside the modern, the Renaissance holds hands with the ancients; and who better to explore from the Renaissance than Michelangelo.